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Vegetarian Biscuits & Gravy $8.00

enjoy 2 Southern biscuits with two vegetarian breakfast patties on top & our seriously delicious gravy (no sausage) prepared with organic cream, add two eggs 10

Veggie Country Benedict $12.00

A vegetarian's dream. A fluffy biscuit cut in half, topped with two vegetarian breakfast patties, two poached Amish eggs, and smothered in our amazing veggie gravy (no sausage). Served with hash browns.

Veggie Burger $9.00

An all-natural veggie burger, served with your choice of mixed greens, chips or hash browns. Try it on a whole wheat bun!

Bib Im Bop $12.00

Tweet's interpretation features a bowl of steamed organic brown rice, with a layer of sauteed spinach, steamed bean sprouts, kim chee (spicy) & two Amish eggs your way. Choose fried tofu to make it vegan! Comes with a, fruit cup,  side of hoisin, soy sauce, and our house made spicy guajillo sauce.We also have Braggs' Liquid Aminos.

Veggie Sausage $3.50

2 patties

SW Tofu Scramble $12.00

Organic tofu, scrambled in olive oil with cumin, garlic, spices, fresh diced red peppers, jalapeno, cilantro, tomato, red onion, salsa verde, choose organic brown rice or hash browns, side of organic black beans; fruit cup, corn tortillas

Vegan Cheese $2.00

We have slice cheddar, provolone, shredded jack and cheddar; vegan cream cheese 2.5

Each additional ingredient $1.00

Add scallions, tomato, mushrooms, asparugus, shallots

Organic Black Bean Burger......delicious! $9.50

Big ones! House made, Vegan & delicious! Comes with all salsa sides, garnish, choice of salad, hash browns or tomatoes.

Veggie BLT $10.00

A remix on the classic sandwich with smoky maple tempeh strips, thick slices of tomato and lettuce on your choice of bread. Try it with delicious basil garlic mayo! Your choice of tomatoes, salad or hash browns.

Kale Burger, not meat, vegan, gluten free, soy free! $8.00

Brimming with kale and vegetables, this burger has it all. Choice of salad or sliced tomatoes or hash browns.